Meredith Dairy's
Awards for excellence

Dairy Industry

  • Grand Dairy Awards
  • DIAA product Awards
  • RAS Dairy Awards
  • International cheese awards
  • Aust Specialist Cheese makers awards

Industry Peers

  • Vogue entertainer Dairy Produce Awards
  • Melbourne Food & Wine Legends 2008


  • Victorian Farm entrepreneur 1997
  • Victorian Farmers Federation Rural Achiever 2001
  • Royal Agricultural Society (Vic) Farm Business of the Year 2006
  • Primary Industry Sustainable Farming Award (Vic) 2009
  • Landcare Australia Primary Producer Award (Vic) 2009
  • Finalist in NAB Agribusiness Awards 2009


Meredith Dairy Goat Cheese in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Winner of more awards than any of our cheeses and made using the best fresh ingredients. Soft textured cubes of goats cheese drenched in garlic infused extra virgin olive oil, spices and fresh herbs. Packaged in an attractive glass jar this product makes a great culinary gift.
Serve with roasted vegetables, salads, on crusty bread or with antipasto accompanied with a crisp dry white wine.
Ashed Pyramids
Made from goats milk, this cheese is soft and creamy with a distinctive fresh flavour. The traditional ash coating protects the surface and gives an attractive appearance. The Pyramid looks stunning on a cheese board accompanied with fruit pastes.
A perfect match with Champagne
Chevre Plain
This soft, fresh cheese is pure white and exhibits a clean, fresh almost citric flavour. The clean fresh finish is attributed to the exquisite high quality milk used to make the cheese. Chevre is probably the most versatile of all cheeses.
Uses include, soufflés, pizzas, cakes ,salads, flavoured breads or just on a crostini with smoked salmon. A great match with Semillon, Grenache or Sauvignon Blanc wines.
Chevre Dill
Delicious on baked potatoes as well as baked root vegetables such as beetroot, carrots and parsnips. Also a classic with smoked salmon and antipasto platters



Chevre Ash
Fantastic served on a cheese board with fruit paste such as quince or plum paste accompanied with a dry Riesling or young sauvignon blanc.
Fresh Goat Curd
Curd taken from the cheese vat with in hour of production is used to make these fresh cheeses The Blanc is made by ladling the soft curd into individual cheeses. The “Fromage Frais” is drained in cheese cloth sacks. Described as creamy and delicate with a subtle hint of citrus.
Spread on biscuits or crusty bread served with smoked salmon and dressed with olive oil & herbs. Traditionally served with fresh or poached fruits sprinkled with sugar. A perfect match with sauvignon blanc.
Pure Sheep Milk Yoghurt
The Meredith Dairy Yoghurt is made in the traditional pot set method, using Probiotic and Traditional Cultures. Ewe’s milk is rich, high in milk solids and has a delicate flavour. Sheep milk yoghurt offers people with an aversion to cows milk. “A healthy Alternative.”
GREEN LABEL & LID – is made using Lacto Bacillus Acidophilus & Bifidus (Probiotic).
BLUE LABEL & LID – is made using Greek Lacto Bacillus Thermopilus & Bulgaris (preferred by Chefs ).

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